Who we are.

GemizipSoft strives for strong responsibility and bold creativity.
This is our core value as an organization.

For over 20 years, we have evolved with our Clients and the Market as a value creator of solution and service. Now GemizipSoft is a key player
for business and digital transformation in stock markets.

Since the launch of our global market data service in 2015, GemizipSoft’s business domain has dramatically widened to Worldwide financial services and domestic solutions. Through powerful combination of organic and external growth, we became a leading force in financial service solutions.

With more than 150 exchanges in 90 countries, GemizipSoft can expertly handle risk Management solutions with global data.

Customer first

Meet the Team.

J. C. Park

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

D. C. Ryu

Vice President & Chief Information Officer

H. G. Sung

Director, Laboratory

I. M. Jung

Chief Manager & Chief Technology Manager

Y. K. Yoo

Director, Stock Analysis

U. S. Hong

Chief Manager, Financial Solution